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At CyberSat 2024 we are doubling the event’s content to include two concurrent tracks – one track continuing CyberSat’s legacy of addressing Space Infrastructure, and a new technical track focusing on Space Data and Technology. Conference keynotes, and a handful of general sessions will address all attendees.

The new expanded focus on space data and emerging technologies is crucial, as we’re witnessing a mainstream adoption of AI/ML and an exponential growth in the collection, transmission and consumption of satellite data. Our world is undeniably data-driven, and with that comes an increasing number of companies and governments placing a growing reliance on satellite-based data, and an increasing number of bad actors working to attack this data. Safeguarding data, and understanding new technologies, is imperative. 

Join cybersecurity experts, satellite service providers, industry leaders, innovators and engineers, federal intelligence agencies, and the DoD for three interactive days of discussions, workshops, and disruptive technologies in both Classified and Unclassified settings.

Track 1: Space Infrastructure

Continuing CyberSat’s legacy focus on the satellite communications ecosystem and space architecture, this track explores topics ranging from safeguarding satellites in orbit to securing ground control stations and the networks. Addressing the broader landscape of space systems and their cyber resilience, attendees will take part in discussions on policy and standards, emerging cyber threats, and how to build in resiliency among other key strategic topics. 

Track 2: Space Data & Technology

Delving deep into the intricacies of securing space data and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this track will offer concrete, actionable takeaways focused on ensuring the integrity and reliability of data within the space ecosystem. Engineers, data-focused professionals and those involved on the front lines of cybersecurity will experience technical in-depth sessions covering data security, AI, quantum computing, cloud and other emerging technologies. 

Full CyberSat 2024 Agenda Coming Soon!

What Can You Expect at This Year’s Event:

  • Collaborative Approaches to Cyber Threat Intelligence – Sharing in the Space Industry
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Satellite Cybersecurity
  • Securing Satellite Ground Systems
  • Threats & Countermeasures
  • Policy and Regulatory Frameworks for Space Cybersecurity
  • Securing Satellite Control Systems & Command Interfaces
  • Addressing Vulnerabilities in Satellite Software & Firmware


  • Applications of AI/ML in Space Data Analysis
  • Quantum Technologies for Secure Space Communication & Data Processing
  • Securing the Space Data Supply Chain: Cybersecurity Risks & Mitigation Strategies
  • Ensuring the Integrity of Data Analytics
  • Advancements in Satellite Remote Sensing

Advancing Defense. Protecting Data.

CyberSat’s mission is clear: to provide a forum for government and industry to navigate the complex space ecosystem, including policy and geopolitics, to protect against evolving threats and to create a safer, more secure future in space. Since 2017, CyberSat has led the way in providing vital intelligence in both Classified and Unclassified programs.

Safeguarding Space Infrastructure

Securing space assets and infrastructure is a pressing challenge in today’s landscape where reliability falls short. With evolving cyber threats, our focus is on prioritizing security, integrity, and availability. Our discussions aim to strengthen space-based infrastructure against emerging cyber threats, ensuring its resilience in a changing environment.

Securing Space Data

As modern trends propel us towards an era of interconnectedness and data reliance, ensuring the integrity of data – through secure collection, processing, storage and transmission – is of critical importance. Attend in-depth sessions covering AI, quantum computing, cloud and other emerging technologies.

Emerging Tech

In today’s connected world, protecting emerging satellite technology demands a strong cybersecurity strategy blending innovation and resilience. Join us as we explore the industry’s latest advancements and gain insights from frontline experts shaping its future.

End-User Markets

Rapid development of emerging satellite technologies has encouraged critical alliances among government, military, and commercial entities. Participate in discussions that facilitate collaboration to safeguard the space ecosystem for future advancement.

Classified Content

In a secure TS/SCI environment, you’ll hear from key government, military and cybersecurity experts on the latest government programs and research and development initiatives focused on threat analysis and building in resiliency.


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Elevate your security posture with knowledge reserved for those with proper clearance. Nowhere else will you find more government, military and industry participants working to identify threat vectors and formulate solutions to thwart next-generation attacks. The DoD, intelligence community, cybersecurity professionals, and satellite industry leaders come together to discuss advancements and challenges in ensuring the success of space system missions amidst the relentless expansion of the cyber-contested lifecycle.

Past Classified Program speakers have included representatives from the U.S. Space Force, National Reconnaissance Office, Space Systems Command, Space Development Agency, Sandia National Laboratories, National Space Intelligence Center, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Space Dynamics Laboratory, and Viasat. A valid TS/SCI Clearance is required to register and attend CyberSat’s Classified Program.