Cybersecurity is top of mind in the satellite industry – in an increasingly digital world, cyberattacks on satellites face the possibility of becoming a more common occurrence. Just one attack could cripple critical infrastructure and be disastrous for millions of individuals. The CyberSat Summits foster the necessary discussions to understand threat vectors in the satellite and space industry, with the intent to develop solutions to prioritize and mitigate risks.

–– Don’t miss our flagship event, CyberSatGov, which will take place on November 6-8, 2023, in Reston, and focuses on cybersecurity within the government, military, satellite, and space communities. CyberSatGov connects the dots between government agencies, satellite providers, and cybersecurity experts, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing that ultimately results in stronger cybersecurity protections for our national infrastructure.

CyberSatGov is the only satellite security event that successfully fuses satellite, space, cyber, and government to educate on threat vectors and deliver solutions to thwart next-generation attacks. CyberSatGov welcomes cybersecurity experts, satellite service providers, C-Suite executives, innovators and engineers, federal intelligence agencies, and the Department of Defense for three interactive days of discussions, workshops, and disruptive technologies.

With an estimated 100,000 satellites in orbit by 2030 made up largely by small satellite constellations, many experts fear attacks are imminent and could be catastrophic if cybersecurity isn’t a priority now. CyberLEO brings together 200+ cybersecurity, government, and industry leaders to discuss how to protect constellations and emerging technologies from the latest threat vectors.