Dr. Jeremy Banik

Commercial Systems Program Office, Deputy Director
National Reconnaissance Office

Keynote: The US Government: What We Want From the Commercial Satellite Industry

Dr. Jeremy Banik is the Deputy Director of the National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) Commercial Systems Program Office (CSPO) where he is helping to lead the NRO’s strategy to fully integrate commercial imagery into the enterprise.

Prior to joining the NRO, Dr. Banik was Chief Engineer on the Blackjack Program, a joint DARPA-Air Force initiative to leverage commercial broadband constellations for global collections and direct dissemination to US government users. Prior to his tenure with DARPA, Dr. Banik was Deputy Manager for the Space and Missile Systems Center Long Duration Propulsive ESPA program. A maneuverable platform designed to deliver payloads to GEO at a recurring cadence.

Dr. Banik also developed and sustained the Large Deployable Structures Research and Development portfolio for the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he invented and led demonstrations and operational transitions of antenna, optic, solar sail, and solar array technologies including the Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA).