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As more people shift to working remotely, more data and communications are being sent digitally, creating a “new normal” that is not only an adjustment for everyone but also creates an environment more vulnerable to cybercriminals… making cybersecurity more paramount than ever.

CyberSat Digital Portal – a digital resource center and event dedicated to cybersecurity – is your one-stop shop for information on cybersecurity!  Through the CyberSat Digital Portal, you’ll have access to on-demand content of cybersecurity experts discussing the threat landscape and covering important topics in the cybersecurity industry.  In addition to the on-demand content, you’ll have access to other cybersecurity resources (white papers, articles, case studies, interviews), and the opportunity to connect with other cybersecurity professionals…all in a digital format.

All content and resources are available on-demand to be viewed at your own pace with more content to be added in the upcoming weeks!

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Available Content

A Holistic Threat Modeling Approach to your Cyberspace Operational Environment
Threat modeling your cyberspace operational environment enhances the decision maker’s ability to conceptualize, integrate and synchronize defensive operations from tactical to strategic. We will take you through a strategy that takes you from the abstract to the granular in order to ensure executives and defenders at various levels derive continuous value to co-create a hardened, dynamic, and intelligence-driven security posture.


  • Cameron Over, Practice Lead, Cybersecurity & Privacy, CrossCountry Consulting
  • Artur Taryan, Experienced Managing Consultant, Cybersecurity & Privacy, CrossCountry Consulting

Around the Cyber World Viewpoints
A diverse group of individuals come together to discuss their varying strategies for business continuity during these times and how they see the cyber landscape for their companies changing as a result of COVID-19.


  • Joshua Chung, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst – X-Force IRIS, IBM
  • Bob Gourley, Founder and CTO, OODA LLC
  • David Reber, Senior Director, Software Product Security, NVIDIA Corporation

Cybersecurity’s Dual Mission and the “New Normal:” Addressing Post-COVID-19 Cybersecurity Needs
Many organizations rapidly — and successfully — transitioned to remote work environments. From a cybersecurity standpoint, teams have stayed on course in keeping the enterprise safe while enabling continued operations. For cybersecurity teams, a path to the “new normal” requires doubling down on security gaps exacerbated during the crisis, then fortifying the gains made in the technological shift. In the long run, organizations need to reimagine their cybersecurity function and build security capabilities that preserve and create future value for the business.


  • Bharath Aiyer, Associate Partner, McKinsey
  • Jeffrey Caso, Cyber Expert, McKinsey

NewSpace Influencers Discuss Cyber
“NewSpace” doesn’t mean immune to “old” problems.  In fact, many argue that startups are more susceptible to cyber attacks and not as in-tune with how to stop a threat before it becomes a full-blown attack.  NewSpace influencers gather to share their approach to cybersecurity.


  • William Eshagh, Vice President, Information Technology, Planet Labs
  • Marcus Tallhamn, Vice President, Software (Aviation, Constellation, Infrastructure), Spire

Software Bill of Materials – Transparency in the Software Supply Chain
The software that the entire world depends on has emerged as a primary risk in the supply chain, whether from active attempts to compromise key components, or ordinary vulnerabilities buried deep in our systems. Addressing software supply chain risk will require more transparency across the ecosystem, through the adoption of a “software bill of materials” (SBOM). This presentation will offer a brief overview of the concept of an SBOM, and the progress being made by an open, cross-sector, and international initiative convened by NTIA in the US Department of Commerce. We will review lessons learned, remaining challenges, and expected progress. We will also touch on the path to adoption, including market forces and the ongoing role of governments and regulators.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Dr. Allan Friedman, Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

Software Defined Satellites: The Revolution is Now, and so is the Threat
Satellites are constantly changing. More software than ever before is being used as satellites need to be more flexible to adjust to market needs. Satellite innovation is fueling a revolution, and the technology is making an impact on the world, but increased software means increased potential for an attack.  How do we continue to drive positive impact through software defined satellite and maintain security?


  • Nicholas Laughton, Manager, Systems Operations, Telesat
  • Olivier Rossi, Product Security Officer, TEIS, Airbus Defence & Space
  • William (Vince) Walisko, Chief Operating Officer, Optimal Satcom, Inc.

Tag Team Duo: Supply Chain Woes
Supply chain issues have become more prevalent, and disruption caused by COVID-19 only serves to accentuate these issues. We’ll take a look at key supply chain concerns your company may face, and ways to overcome them by both rapid response and long-term changes.  


  • Crystal Lister, Senior Director, Insider & Cyber Threat, GPSG
  • Chris Simkins, Co-Founder, Corsha

US Department of Commerce Data Security Initiative
In an increasingly congested and contested space environment, cyber security is more important than ever. Managing risk, to both spacecraft and data systems, is critical for safety and sustainability in the space environment, as well as for maintaining business operations. Director O’Connell will discuss new developments in policy and best practices for space cybersecurity, as well as Department of Commerce data security initiatives.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Kevin O’Connell, Director of the Office of Space Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce

Virtual Cybersecurity Training: Cybersecurity for Business Leaders: Making Sure Your Company is Ahead of the Cyber Curve 
You may not know the ins and outs of cyber threats, but you do know that any attack on your business could have catastrophic results. In this session, we explore the cyber threats specifically related to business leaders in identifying the types of threat actors, their actions and motivations and the impact of a breach on business operations. We will also take a look at the Cyber Risk Mitigation programs companies are investing in, so leaders can shape their company’s overall strategy to deal with the cyber threat. 


  • James Turgal, Managing Director, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte (former FBI)

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