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Our mission is to bring you discussions, updates, briefings, and lessons learned stemming from real-world experiences that will make a positive impact on your cybersecurity strategy. That’s why we work closely with our Advisory Board to build a program that you can feel confident in. With multiple constellations being launched, we could see tens of thousands of satellites entering LEO. CyberLEO will become the epicenter of discussion surrounding security issues in a LEO world.

Conference Agendas:
Classified Day  //  Unclassified Program 


Wednesday, May 10 (Separate ticket required)

CyberLEO’s Classified Day program brings together the DoD, intelligence community, and industry leaders to discuss emerging risks to proliferated LEO satellite constellations. Invited speakers will share TS/SCI level presentations on current threat analysis and how to build resiliency to the ecosystem.

Attendees will be updated on the space cyber landscape through presentations from senior intel analysts, cybersecurity experts, and those developing and deploying technologies to enhance architectural resiliency against emerging cyber threats.

Please note: TS/SCI Clearance is required to attend CyberLEO’s Classified Day.


In an increasingly digital world, cyber-attacks on satellites face the possibility of becoming a more common occurrence. With an estimated 100,000 small satellites in orbit by 2030, industry experts fear a single attack could cripple critical infrastructure if cybersecurity isn’t a priority now. 

CyberLEO’s Unclassified Program will bring you discussions, updates, briefings, and lessons learned stemming from real-world experiences that will make an immediate impact on your cybersecurity strategy, and brings together industry and government leaders to discuss open source software vulnerabilities, network segmentation, ransomware, end-to-end product security, data provenance and more.

Past Speakers Include:

   • Colonel Jennifer Krolikowski, Space Systems Command
   Dr. Frank Turner,
Space Development Agency
   Robert Powell,
   Colonel Joseph Pomager,
U.S Space Force
   Phil Mar, CTO, Viasat
   Allen Stewart, 
   • Marcus Tallhamn, Spire
   • Matthew Erickson, SpiderOak Mission Systems
   • Dr. Jason Gamage, GoldiLock
   • Dave Williamson, Terran Orbital

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